About Us

Global Networks Courier Systems, started as a two main operation and incorporated into a Sendirian Berhad (Private Limited Company) in January 1997, now have a workforce of 20, own fleet of vehicles and warehousing facilities to meet the ever increasing demands of the shipping industry.


Established in 1984, we are well represented in Europe, USA, Far East regions and the rest of the world and with the strong relationship with our overseas agents, shipping & airlines, we have placed ourselves in positions to provide our customers with quality shipping logistics solutions. Today, we are proud to announce that we are able to arrange movement of cargo anywhere, anytime around the world.

We took the challenge of employing company drivers whilst the industry standard took the less risky option of taking on sub-contractors.

We consider this to a step that should be taken in the interest of the courier industry to promote professionalism. We consider company drivers to be an enormous advantage, giving Global Networks Courier Systems greater control over such issues as:


The issues above along with many others are controlled and maintained with the aid of fleet supervisors and a fleet manager. This has also resulted in a much more stable and reliable fleet ensuring further growth and professionalism within our organization.


Our aim is to provide TOTAL CUSTOMER CARE and our trained personnel is equipped with experience and expertise in the industry and are capable of creative and innovative solutions to even the most complex shipping requirements.

Community Responsibility

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